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Stamp Collection
Click to view larger image Stamp-Collecting is a universal hobby. Collection of stamps not only for what they are worth in themselves but also for their designs, the stories they tell, the events they commemorate, and the sidelights they throw on the production of stamps. In fact, postage stamps are "the windows of a nation through which people overseas may behold its heritage and nature". They reflect every aspect of a nation's life including its trade, history, art, crafts, and natural history.
I started collecting stamps, when I was in Class 10 (1990). At this stage i have only Indian stamps. From 1993, I started collecting foreign stamps.
I have a collection of all kinds and all forms of stamps. Indian mint stamp, used stamp, block of stamp, first-day cover, broucher, miniature sheet, post-card, inland letter, envelope, meghdoot post-card etc. Foreign mint stamp, used stamp, block of stamp, triangular shaped stamp etc.  Click to view larger image
Click to view larger image Stamp-collecting is now far from just a hobby; it is a subject of serious study. The study of stamps leads its enthusiasts to the study of stamps leads its enthusiasts to the study of geography, history, and the natural life of various countries. An album of stamps can, therefore, be a book of knowledge as well as a book of original research.
Currency Collection
In our high school, there was a District level Science Exhibition. Apart from the science projects, one of the currency-collector exhibits his currency for visitors (It was not the part of curriculum of the science exhibition). I got the inspiration to collect currency from there. Like stamps, it also has it's own charm.  From Indian currency paper note I have approximately 12+ kinds of INR 1, 7+ kinds of INR 2, 7+ kinds of INR 5, 10+ kinds of INR 10, 6+ kinds of INR 20, 4+ kinds of INR 50, and 6+ kinds of INR 100. From Indian coin currency I have 50+ type of coins having different face value, including old coin. From the foreign currency paper & coin, I have from USA, Nepal, Bhutan, Oman, Singapore etc. 
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