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Ritual or Neeti signifies a particular religious rites. The daily and periodical rituals observed and performed since time immemorial. Lord Jagannath, Sri Devi Bhudevi and Sudarsana are worshiped by the same Puja Panda, 'Nilamadhava'. Lord Balabhadra and Goddess Subhadra is worshipped by two different Puja Panda. The timing and the methods of Rituals which are performed daily basis at Sree Mandir are given below.

(Opening of the Temple door & auspicious lamp offering)
The doors of the sanctum are to be opened early morning by 5 A.M. During the month of Kartika(October-November) and Pausa(Dec-Jan) and on certain specific days, the doors are to be opened much before 5A.M. i.e. between 2 to 3 A.M. . Presence of five servitors(Bhitarchha Mahapatra, Pratihari, Muduli, Akhanda Mekap and Palia Mekap) is necessary for performance of 'dwarphita neeti' (Opening of the temple door). The doors are opened after Bhitarchha Mahapatra examines the "seal", placed on the padlocks in the last night by another servitor known as Talichha Mahapatra.

On some days, extra rituals or delay in completion of rituals leads to not to do "Pahada"(closing the temple doors after the final ritual is over in the night). On such occasions, it become impossible to opening of the doors on the following morning and only from 'Mangalaalati' onwards the rituals commence.

The subsequent ritual after 'Dwarapitha' is Mangalaalati i.e. the offering of sacred lamps to the deities. Bhitarchha Mohapatra and two other Puspalak servitors perform the rituals standing below the RatnaVedi(Pedestral).

2. "MAILAM" AT 6 A.M.
(Removal of dress,flowers etc.)
The scheduled time for Mailam is 6 a.m. , but it depends upon the time taken for Mangala alati. "Mailam" is a word used in Shri Jagannath Temple, which means change or removal of dresses and flowers etc. The servitors associated with this particular ritual are Puspalak (3 persons), khuntia, Changada Mekap and Dhoba.

Three Puspalak servitors change the clothes, flowers, Tulasi Leaves of the Deities, worn on the last night. After removal of clothes, another clean or washed set of clothes known as 'Tadapa' and 'Uttariya' like towels are worn by the Deities. These clothes are washed by servitor Dhoba who is actually brahmin by caste.

3. "ABAKASH" - 6 A.M. TO 6.30 A.M.
(Purification rites of the Deities)
Purificatory rites like brushing of teeth and bath of Deities is known as "Abakash". This ritual takes place between 6 to 6.30 in the morning. These rites are performed by servitors like Puspalaks, Suarbadu, Paniapat, Mukhapakhal and Khuntia, Darpania Mukhapakhal, Padhiary, Amla Ghatuary, Bhandar Mekap, Mahabhoi and Khuri Nayak.

Three Puspalaks perform a simple worship sitting on the floor below the Ratnavedi. They sprinkle water mixed with camphor, curd amala and sandal paste on three brass mirrors, each about two feet high, symbolizing the bath. Before that, they also show the tooth sticks and tongue scrappers to the Deities, symbolising brushing of the teeth. During such rites, the temple Jyotisha (Astrologer) reads out the tithi (Timing) and other astrological details of the day.

4. "MAILAM" AT 6.45 A.M.
(Removal of dress and flowers etc.)
At this time 6.45 A.M. deities change their clothes (Tadap & Uttariya) and wear another set of clothes. A servitor known as "Akhanda Mekap" keeps in the sanctum Akhanda Baitha. This lamp is not extinguished and burns till 'pahada' i.e. the time of retirement of the Deities to beds. The servitors associated with this ritual are Puspalak, Changada Mekap, Suar Badu, Dhaba etc.

5. "SAHANAMELA" - 7A.M. TO 8 A.M.
(Emergence to public)
The time of Sahanamela of the Deities is 7 a.m. Though this is not a part of the rituals, but about one hour is spent to facilitate pilgrims to go up to "Ratnavedi" or inner sanctums to have a Darshan, without paying fees for it. General public get opportunity to see the Deities at a very close distance. Sahanamela is usually conducted for one hour. Though there is provision for 'Sahanamela' twice a day, but in practice, it is being held only once. On certain festive day, Sahanamela is held after 'Sandhyadhupa' (evening puja). During the month of Kartika it is held in the evening after Sandhyaalati and in the month of Pausha it is held after 'Sakaldhupa'. Sometimes it is held after 'morning dhup' and on certain festive days, there is no provision for Sahanamela. It is not treated as a part of rituals but is held only to enable ordinary public to go near the Deities.

(Dressing of Deities)
Beshlagi is performed at 8 a.m. The Deties are again dressed up which can be witnessed from a little distance i.e. "Bhitara Katha". At this time, Deities are also adorned with gold and precious stones to suit diffeerent festive occasions.

7. "ROSHA HOMA" - 8 A.M. to 8.30 A.M.
(Sacrifing fire to the deities)
At the time 8 to 8.30 a.m. While some sevayats are busy with 'Beshalagi' of the Deities, Pujapanda servitors at that time perform "Rosha Homa" (Fire Sacrifice) at the sacred kitchen. Here now starts the cooking of holy food (Maha prasad). Previously 'Deula Purohita' sevaks (The temple priests) were performing such rituals. The other servitors engaged in the ritual are Dhopakhalia and Mekap.

(Sun Worship)
Next follows SURYA PUJA (Sun Worship). The Sun God in the Surya Temple near the "Mukti Mandap" in the inner enclosure is worshipped by the servitor puja Panda.

(Worship of the divine gatekeepers)
Then The Divine gatekeepers "Jaya" and "Vijaya" on the entranfe of the Jagamohan of the Temple gate are worshipped by the servitor known as puja Panda.

(Breakfast of the God)
The time for breakfast of the deities is at 9 A.M. At this time sweet popcorn (Khei), Khualadus, Coconuts sweets (Kora), Ripe banana, Curd, and chipped coconuts etc. are offered as bhogas. Puja is performed in a brief manner with pancha upachar only.

(Morning food offering)


13. "MADHYANHA DHUPA" - 11A.M. to 1 P.M.
(Afternoon food offering)

14. "MADHYANHA PAHUDHA" - 1 P.M. to 1.30 P.M.


16. "SANDHYA DHUPA" - 7 P.M. to 8 P.M.




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